International Migration Studies

An Introduction to International Migration Studies: European Perspectives

edited by Marco Martiniello and Jan Rath

IMISCOE Textbook Series 2
Amsterdam: Amsterdam University Press, 2010
Paperback, ca. 338 pp.
ISBN 9789089644565
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This essential volume is the second published in the textbook series of the International Migration and Social Cohesion Research Network. The editors have assembled a comprehensive collection of twenty-five classic papers that have had a lasting impact on studies of international migration and immigrant integration in Europe. The contributors discuss migration studies in the context of both history and theory as their base point, presenting a broad range of central topics in an accessible textbook format.





Marco Martiniello and Jan Rath
1 An Introduction to International Migration Studies


Theoretical Perspectives

2 Beyond ‘Push-Pull’: The Economic Approach to Modelling Migration
Dragos Radu and Thomas Straubhaar


3 Historical-Structural Models of International Migration
Ewa Morawska


4 Social Networks and International Migration
Monica Boyd and Joanne Nowak


5 Transnational migration
Eva Østergaard-Nielsen


6 Jus Sanguinis Jus Soli: Aspects of Ethnic Migration and Immigration Policies in EU states
Eftihia Voutira


7 Migration and Social Transformation
Stephen Castles


Types of migration

7 Guest Worker Migration in Post-War Europe, 1946-1974: An Analytical Appraisal
Ahmet Akgündüz


8 Skilled Migration in Europe and Beyond: Recent Developments and Theoretical Considerations
Aimee Kuvik


9 Environmental Migration
François Gemenne


10 Student Migration
Russell King and Allan Findlay


11 Sunset Migration
Russell King


12 Undocumented Migration. An Explanatory Framework
Joanne van der Leun and Maria Ilies


Regulation of Migration

Whither EU Immigration and Asylum After the Lisbon Treaty?
Elspeth Guild


The Regulation of Undocumented Migration
Giuseppe Sciortino


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