JEMS Entrepreneurship

Immigrant Entrepreneurship

Special issue of the Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies
Guest editors Robert Kloosterman and Jan Rath

Volume 27, Number 2, April 2001
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Immigrant entrepreneurs in advanced economies. Mixed embeddedness further explored
Robert Kloosterman and Jan Rath


Breaking in and breaking out. A Weberian approach to entrepreneurial opportunities
Ewald Engelen


East Asian and European entrepreneur immigrants in British Columbia (Canada). Postmigration conduct and premigration context
Karl Froschauer


Socio-economic and policy dimensions of the mixed embeddedness of ethnic minority business in Britain
Giles Barrett, Trevor P. Jones and David McEvoy


Immigrant entrepreneurs from the former USSR in Israel. Not the traditional enclave economy
Eran Razin and Dan Scheinberg


Get IT going: New ethnic Chinese business. A case of Taiwanese-owned computer firms in Hamburg
Maggi W.H. Leung


Immigrant business and niche formation in a historical perspective. The Netherlands in the nineteenth century
Marlou Schrover


Queer ladders and other paths. Informal economies, immigrant entrepreneurship, and drug crime in Japan
Rich H. Friman


Day labourers as entrepreneurs?
Abel Valenzuela Jr.