Tourism, Ethnic diversity, and the City

edited by Jan Rath

Contemporary Geographies of Leisure, Tourism and Mobility Series
London and New York: Routledge, 2007
isbn 0415333903
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Tourism, Ethnic Diversity and the City fills a gap in existing research in terms of how immigration relates to urban tourism and investigates the new theoretical insights and challenges for empirical research using informative case studies drawn from several advanced economies in Europe, North America and Australia. This enlightening book clearly explores the frontiers of knowledge on the interrelationship between tourism, migration, ethnic diversity and place. Exploring further the manifestations of ethnic diversity that have been commodified by immigrants in gateway cities, questioning how these expressions of culture can be transformed into vehicles for further developing the urban tourism economy. Tourism, Ethnic Diversity and the City presents a multidisciplinary approach drawing on key names from the field of geography, sociology, planning and political science and will appeal to those with an interest in any of these areas.



1. Tourism, Migration and Place Advantage in the Global Cultural Economy
C. Michael Hall and Jan Rath

Part 1: Immigrant Entrepreneurs

2. Making the New Economy: Immigrant Entrepreneurs and Emerging Transnational Networks of International Education and Tourism in Seoul and Vancouver
Min-Jung Kwak and Daniel Hiebert


3. Urban Boosterism, Tourism and Ethnic Minority Enterprise in Birmingham
Trevor Jones and Monder Ram


4. Ethnic Precincts as Contradictory Tourist Spaces
Jock Collins Part

2: Immigrant Workers

5. Caterers of the Consumed Metropolis: Ethnicized Tourism and Entertainment Labourscapes in Istanbul
Volkan Aytar


6. Immigrants, Tourists and the Metropolitan Landscape: Producing the Metropolis of Consumption in Orlando, Florida
Hugh Bartling

Part 3: Ethnic Diversity in Urban Place Promotion

7. Ethnic Heritage Tourism and Global–Local Connections in New Orleans
Kevin Fox Gotham


8. Tourism and New York’s Ethnic Diversity: An Underutilized Resource?
Susan S. Fainstein and John C. Powers


9. Selling Miami: Tourism Promotion and Immigrant Neighbourhoods in the Capital of Latin America
Gastón Alonso


10. Building a Market of Ethnic References: Activism and Diversity in Multicultural Settings in Lisbon
M. Margarida Marques and Francisco Lima da Costa


11. Tourists ’R’ Us: Immigrants, Ethnic Tourism and the Marketing of Metropolitan Boston
Marilyn Halter