Posted by | October 5, 2018
Metropolis Conference Sydney 2018 — Immigrant & Refugee Entrepreneurship

International Metropolis Conference, 29 October-2 November, Sydney, Australia Jan Rath will be speaking on migrant entrepreneurship in the panel on 'Immigrant and Refugee Entrepreneurship: Neither Paradox nor Panacea', Thursday November...

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Posted by | January 3, 2018
Journal article — Chinatown 2.0: Ethnically Themed Shopping

Chinatown 2.0: the difficult flowering of an ethnically themed shopping area By Jan Rath, Annemarie Bodaar, Thomas Wagemaakers & Pui Yan Wu Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies, 44 (1):...

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Posted by | December 15, 2015
Article — Promoting Ethnic Entrepreneurship

Promoting Ethnic Entrepreneurship in European Cities: Sometimes Ambitious, Mostly Absent, Rarely Addressing Structural Features by Jan Rath and Anna Swagerman International Migration, 54(1): 152-166 DOI: 10.1111/imig.12215 Abstract An increasing number...

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